Connie [Stommel], You did alot of work over the years that led to the sale of the Brandywine parcel. I want you to know 1, I really, really appreciate it ; and 2, You've got my business and my recommendation for as long as you're in real estate!

- Susie Grace

I have know Connie for 25 years or more through her husband. She helped me sell my best friends house when he passed away. She took care of getting the house unloaded and repairs needed. I couldn't have done it without her expect advice and help. She even washed the curtains and rehung them for us. I recommend Connie to everyone as the best broker I have known.

- Donald Eierman

Connie [Stommel], Thanks so much for hanging in there; for word of encouragement, for making sure I was well informed, for all the behind the scenes things 2 know nothing about. In short, thanks for giving so much of yourself, ie. your time, professionalism, friendship, and dollars. I'll never be able to thank you enough. Forever greatful

- Shirley

Connie [Stommel], I just wanted to say a special thank you. I know you would say that you were just doing your job but I think you did more than just your job, you cared. Thank you for being so kind and caring. I'm very happy where I am and I love my new home. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. May god Bless you and Keep you,

- Tammy D Washington

Connie Stommel, We just wanted to thank you for not giving up on the sale of this mobile home. You really helped us keep our heads over the last couple of years. You're an angel. Thanks so much

- Molly and Jim

Connie [Stommel], Today is our 5th anniversary in our Sunderland home. Just wanted you to know we are as happy today as we were 5 years ago Thank you so much!

- Lois and Done Kline

Mrs. Connie Stommel, I am writing this letter to thank you for all you have done for my husband and I. You have given us the opportunity of owning a home of our own and a chance to raise our children in a more secure and spacious environment. I just wanted to acknowledge your professionalism and kindness. Let it be known that you have changed our lives and given us the chance to experience something that most people never get the opportunity to experience and that is owning a home of our own. As long as you work for Exit 1 Stop Realty, I will continue to refer family and friends that are looking for a GOOD REALTOR. Thank you for blessing our family.

- Sylvia Jone-Neclos and Keith Neclos